Spring / Summer 2016 Collection

Get #IntoTheElements with our new highly functional apparel

You should be able to get out everyday to follow your passion, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever the weather. That’s why Gore create highly functional apparel to keep your body and mind fully focused even on the days others would stay inside. Embrace the wind, the rain, the sun, the mountains, the forest, the city, and get inspired to go out into the elements.


Feel the difference with SUNLIGHT LADY.

The styles you’re looking for made with highly functional fabrics and attention to detail.
Get yourself inspired to go out into the elements with the assertive colors and exciting designs of SUNLIGHT LADY. That’s not all though, it’s the premium fabrics, extreme comfort, intelligent cuts and functional details that really make the difference. Pieces with high-tech WINDSTOPPER® fabrics keep you warm and help regulate your body temperature for a little extra inspiration on those chilly mornings.



For runners only. MYTHOS LADY.

Focus 100% on running – everything you need in a functional lightweight package.
When you’re getting ready to head out for a run, your focus should already be on the road, not on wondering what combination of apparel to wear. Pure performance was our brief. With it’s minimalistic design, WINDSTOPPER® technologies and reflective details MYTHOS LADY combines simplicity and function in apparel that allows you get out into the elements and just run.



Prepared to go the distance. New FUSION.

Take on long distances in confidence with ultra high performance apparel.
When running mile after mile, hour after hour, you need complete trust in your apparel when disappearing into the elements. FUSION integrates the knowledge gained from marathons and ultra trail running into a ground breaking new line. Super lightweight materials, high-tech WINDSTOPPER® fabrics, functional details and intelligent storage solutions are combined to survive long hours in tough, changeable conditions.



GORE BIKE WEAR® Highlights

This season’s GORE BIKE WEAR® features a fresh new line together with some cutting-edge developments in key areas. Firstly a completely new women’s mountain bike line, for life both on and off the bike, POWER TRAIL LADY. There is the launch of a new standard in BIBTIGHTS, comprising of four innovations brought together. A new rescue jacket that rewrites the rules by being both extremely lightweight and dependable, the RESCUE WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell Jacket. Finally, the ALP-X PRO, OXYGEN and POWER lines have introduced highly versatile pieces that utilize the revolutionary WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell technology.

Ready for anything. POWER TRAIL LADY.

From carving the trails to chilling with the girls, apparel that’s as technical as it is feminine.
When you’re heading out into the elements to explore flowing singletrack you need highly functional apparel that’s engineered to keep up with you. Then when you finally return to civilization, you’ll want the same apparel to feel great when you’re relaxing and enjoying the post ride hang-out. POWER TRAIL LADY is the perfect combination of function and style, both on and off the bike.



Four reasons to ride. The new standard for Bibtights.

Comfort redefined, bibtights developed from four high-tech innovations.
When you spend hours in the saddle your bibtights are a critical choice. After years of research and development and many late nights the team at Gore are finally ready to launch the new standard for bibtights. The combination of four innovations – fabric mix, flat folded hems, bib tunnel construction and brand new seat insert – make up the ultimate in comfort, support, breathability and weather protection. The four perfect reasons to inspire you to disappear into the elements.

su/16 su/16/road su/all USHIRT USHIRT0100 USHIRT9900

Carefully selected high-end materials, from very lightweight to more compact or comfort orientated; based on the specific needs of road cyclists.

The flat folded solution stays down and fits perfectly without digging in or leaving pressure marks.

The mesh bib tunnel construction, with no seam close to skin, reduces friction and stops the material from digging in.

Combines innovative preshaped front panel with different foam densities and technologies for short to long-distance rides.

Supports the riders’ anatomical space. Due to its non-elasticity, the preformed and patented shape of the front panel prevents compression in the critical areas. The new cutlines and material selections are extensively tested to perfection in our lab to ensure optimal comfort in the saddle.

The panel material is windproof and protects from windchill when riding in cool conditions and also from the wind generated by high speeds on hot summer days. The insert remains extremely breathable to ensure moisture management, no matter the temperature.

Got you covered. RESCUE WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell Jacket.

A rescue jacket you can trust in – both lightweight and fully functional.
When you get caught-out by the weather you need a jacket that’s not only lightweight but also one that keeps you comfortably dry and protected. Our new innovative RESCUE WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell Jacket combines trusted WINDSTOPPER® functionality and taped seams with extreme lightweight. When packed into the integrated bag it’s a small addition to your survival kit that makes a big difference when you ride out into the elements.


When the weather turns in an instant, the highly breathable WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell technology protects you from the freezing winds. The inside is made with full seam taping to increase water resistance. This is the difference that brings you home safe and comfortable.

All in one. Join the WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell revolution.

When you don’t trust the weather trust the latest WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell technology.
So what do you wear those rides where conditions can change at any moment? Leading weather protection combined with the highly breathable, stretchy and lightweight properties means that WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell fabrics are perfect for any ride, at any time of the year. Single pieces can replace apparel combinations, resulting in less bulk and less to carry, for much improved comfort and convenience. It’s a simple way to ensure a great ride when you get ready to go out into the elements. Featured in selected ALP-X PRO, OXYGEN and POWER pieces.

As always both collections include a wide range of apparel and accessories that deliver outstanding weather protection, high function and maximum comfort to cyclists and runners of all kinds, from the professional to the beginner.

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Make the most of the season with Gore apparel, get out there #IntoTheElements

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